Swat Valley Tour packages

Swat Valley Tour packages segments best tours for Northern Pakistan. First of all, The Swat is an area in KPK (Khyber Phatunkhawn) Pakistan. Moreover, It is holiday-makers delight and a landmark of magnificent scenic beauty. Therefore. Swat Tours contains roaring rivers, waterfalls, glacier fed lakes, pine forests, alpine meadows, snow covered peaks of Mankial and Flaksair. Moreover, fruit laden orchards, meandering streams, lush green fields, flower filled mountain slopes. In addition to, the friendly Swati people who are famous for their traditional hospitality. Therefore, Swat Valley Tour Packages is without any doubt one favourite. Therefore swat Kalam Valley is one of the most beautiful tourist destination in the northern valleys of Pakistan.

Above all, the beautiful valley of Swat, popularly known as the Switzerland of the East.However, Climate over there is mild and generally warm temperature. Moreover, the average temperature over there would be 13C.

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Swat Valley Tours packages 2018

Swat Kalam Tours

In fact, people wants to explore the wonder of the worl. for this reason Swat Valley Tour is so enrich in natural beauties. First of all, Swat Kalam Tours consists of many valleys in the Swat. Swat Kalam Tours are tourism hub in Swat Valley. Furthermore, Swat Valley is a unique, beautiful and glittering jewel created by Almighty.

Attractions in Swat Kalam Tours

Furthermore there are other attractions for the tourist.



Valley Swat is a unique, beautiful and glittering jewel creation of  Almighty. Therefore it is renown as Pakistan Switzerland. Whereas, the Alps several mighty and high mountain ranges surround this expansive and enthralling valley. Consequently It is certainly a paradise for nature lovers where they can feast their eyes on the diverse bounties of nature. Moreover, Swat Kalam Valley ranging from the densely forested mountains to the snaking rivers and torrents. Most importantly, National and international tourists likes Madyan for their stay as all other beautiful sites. Swat Kalam Valley accessible from this central valley. Furthermore, The innumerable hill resorts in the valley also include Madyan, Chail and Bashigram.



Both the valleys of Shanku and Bashigram are near each other. Firstly, Shanku situates on the right side of the stream above the road. Therefore, Most of the house are on the mountain terrain. Furthermore, maximum to reach this charming valley from Madyan is thirty minutes in a vehicle. Therefore,Arguably area provides with all basic facilities of telephone and electricity. Moreover, even so there is a small market place where every thing of daily use available. Therefore, Most of the people do farming but the new generation is evolving and is taking interest in education and modern professions.



The maximum time to reach this picturesque valley from Madyan is fifteen minutes in a vehicle and thirty minutes by feet. Firstly, The valley divides in to two segments; old Chail and new Chail. Therefore, village situates beside the stream is new Chail. Whereas, the scattere houses in the mountainous terrain above the stream is old Chail. Both villages are on the left side connecting by a bridge with the main road. In addition, new Chail is approachable through vehicle but to reach old Chail a person must walk at least for fifteen minutes from new Chail.

The beautiful valley of Swat is a conglomeration of different and varied valleys and plains. The southern region is comparatively wide and open, consisting of plains that are cultivated through out the year and yield extremely large quantity of fruits and crops. The Northern region is a congregation of tall high rising mountains where small valleys provide little ground for cultivation and residentiary area for the small mass of population scattered in different groups and families. The valley of Mankial is one such place located in the north of Swat on the main road leading to Kalam. The total distance of the valley from Saidu Sharif is about eighty kilometers.

Lakes in Swat Valley

Meanwhile valley can truly be called the Valley of Lakes. Which not only feeds the emerald Green River Swat but also provides ideal camping sites for adventurous people and nature lovers. Most of these lakes are hidden from the eyes of the common people due to their far-flung locations. It takes three to seven hours trekking to reach from the last village on the road. Ultimately, who posses aesthetic sense and have thirst for natural beauty ventures to explore and unravel these extravagant bounties of nature.

First and Foremost Bashigram Lake is situated to the east of Bashigram valley near Madyan. The road to this valley is partly metalled and can be plied by a four by four or any ordinary vehicle. It takes almost forty to fifty minutes to reach this picturesque valley inhibited by simple and hospitable folk.

It is situated in the Hindukush chain of mountains, interspersed by several small and large lakes, which runs from the western edges of the Pamir plateau, west of the Karakoram. Similarly the mountains have snow-covered tops and are crossed by some minor glaciers.

The pastoral valley of Swat has abundance of precious resorts of nature where one can find solace and respite from the never-ending struggle of life. Kundal or Kandolo Lake is one such place here upon which the Maestro of nature has spent extra time and effort to paint.

It is a beautiful lake hidden in the lap of mountains towards the north of Kundal Lake and east of Utror valley. The name Spin Khwar has a clear significance as a small white stream in the east flows down to the lake from the surrounding mountains and is a major source of water

This is one of the lakes in Swat region which is located at a very high altitude in the foot of the tallest peak in the range with a considerable depth. The name Pari or Khapiro is given to the lake due to the widespread belief that the lake is the abode of fairies where they live and bathe in the cool, pure and clear water of the lake.

It is located at the highest altitude in the mountain ranges of Swat near Pari Lake I. It is comparatively greater in size and depth than the other lake situated in its vicinity and remains open in the months of July till September. The western face of the lake is open and its water flows down to the gigantic Kundal Lake which is situated in the foothills down.

Saidgai lake is situated in the Hindukush chain of mountains, interspersed by several small and large lakes, which runs from the western edges of the Pamir plateau, west of the Karakoram. The mountains have snow-covered tops and are crossed by some minor glaciers. Saidgai Lake is located in the peripheries of Swat and Dir mountain ranges and serves as a huge reservoir of water for Hushirai Khwar (Stream), Dir.

Kalam Tours

On the Other hand, swat valley as alos a tourist place Kalam. Kalam Tour is surrounded by lush green hills, thick forests and bestowed with mesmeric lakes, meadows and waterfalls. A worth seen features of any landscape. It is the birthplace of Swat River which forms with confluence of two major tributaries of Gabral River and Usho river. There are a lot of grand hotels in Kalam, where one can stay for night and enjoy the cool breeze of Swat River.In fact, Kalam Tour consist of many worth watching places. Like

Attractions in Kalam

Furthermore there are other attractions for the tourist.

Usho is a hill station in the north east of Kalam valley. It is accessible through a non-metalled road by jeeps from Kalam only.
Matiltan located at about 11 km away from Kalam. It is a picturesque spot comes after Usho and famous for huge glaciers, thick forests and lofty moauntain peaks. The tallest peak of Falaksair mountain can be seen from here clearly.

Utror is hill station and scenic place in Kalam valley. It is one of the beautiful valley in the region, surrounded by snow clad mountains. The beautiful Kundol Lake of the area is worth seen.

Gabral is also charming hill station, comes at a distance of 20 km away from Kalam. It is famous for brown swati trout fish, thick lush green forests, medicinal springs, lofty snow clad peaks and lakes. Among them Shahi Bagh lake located to north west of Sazgul region. At about three hours of trekking is worth seen.

Buddhists Shrines in Swat valley


Futhermore, beside having natural beauty of swat there are also preserves of different antiques. That connects the valley from its ancestors.

All over Swat Valley is full of fairly large number of Buddhist sites. Preserving stupas, monasteries, settlements, caves, rock-carvings and inscriptions.For instance, Fa-Hein, Sung-Yun, Hsuan-Tsang are notable monasteries. Who graced the valley by their presence and which articulatory confirmed the extensive remains of the Buddhist period. The Buddhists built mostly their stupas and monasteries higher on the hills. With the aim that agricultural economy may not suffer. It also to provide a sort of protection and security to them from the invaders.

By the same token Swat culture is fertilize with so many beautiful colors. In the first place landscape and archaeology of Swat valley attracts tourist. Furthermore their cuisine, music, poetry. Stone Craving, wood craving, ornaments, embroidery and handicraft from swat valley is also famous in all over the Pakistan.

As a result, it is concluded that swat valley and swat tour is worth watching place to visit. Tourist love to visit Swat valley because of its beautiful scenery, hiking, fishing, roam around. For the visitors security and safety in swat is satisfactory . One must visit the green lush places to adore the beauties of Pakistan.

In conclusion An ideal location for the couple to visit a place with such a numerous natural scenic views. The new project of Pakistan tour and travel offers the best packages for its customers. Even so Honeymoon Packages from Pakistan provides the best services for the couples, as well as to the group tour. One must visit the place to explore the wonders of the world.

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