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Naran Kaghan Tours

Naran Kaghan tours  is one of the most enchanting places in Pakistan that attracts the tourist from Pakistan and all over the world. First and foremost, It is a desirable location for the nature enthusiast, photographer, and trekkers every year. Naran Kaghan tours consist of a medium sized town in upper Kaghan valley in Manshera District of KPK Pakistan.

Naran Kaghan Tours are elevation to almost 8,202 ft or 2500 meters above the sea level that’s why the weather is cold is winter and mild cool in summer and spring. Similarly Valley covered with snow in winter and significant rainfall in summers. Even so the Kunhar River, swollen by glacial melt, passes through this town as it meanders its way through the valley.

Naran kaghan tours offers travels alongside with River Kunhar which Starts from the glaciers of Kaghan and flow deep down in Manshera. There are bazar in the valley and all basic facilities are available.

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Naran Tours

No doubt Naran Tours is always captivating for the tourist because of its various places. Above all it is indeed a heaven on earth. Naran tour can be considered as base station to scenic destinations. There are numerous places to visit and have a delight of wonderful creations of the God.

Kaghan Tours

Kaghan tour in Kaghan valley is considered to be a jewel amongst the beautiful valleys of the Mansehra district in Pakistan. The valley is approximately 160 kilometers long and is a popular summer holiday resort for tourists from both within the country and abroad. Above all an unspoiled paradise of mountains, dales, lakes, water-falls, streams and glaciers . That is why it can be such a deeply satisfying experience to spen a few day in kaghan.

Similarly On Kaghan tour one must visits its beautiful places like shogran, Malika parbat and differennt lakes around it. Balakot (Gate of Kaghan Valley), this beautiful small town, It is situated on either banks of Kunhar river at the foot of the mountains that goes thousands of feet above.

Attractions in Naran Kaghan Tours

There are many more worth watching places in Naran Kaghan tour. Noori Top, Dudipatsar Lake (Queens of The Lakes), Saral Lake, Fairy Land, Battakundi, Ratti-Gali Lake ( fall in AJK), Sat-sar Mala Lakes (6 Lakes in One Place), Gitidas, Gattian Lake (Lake is in AJK), Jalkhad , Lulusar Lake, Sarkatha lake, Sangal Lake, Katha-sar Lake, Ghazi Sar, Maheen Lake, Babusar Top (End of The Kaghan Valley). 


Shogran is also very famous places and its becoming more and more popular, Therefore, during winters when naran kaghan is not open for tourists. Most importantly, shogran valley is still open for tourists to enjoy Winters. Therefore, Shogran is full year tourist attractions.

Places that are worth seeing in Naran, Kaghan is listed below

Lake Saif-ul-Maluk: Furthermore one of the famous lake in world which is 9 km in length and mesmerize anybody due to its immense natural beauty. Saiful Muluk was formed by glacial ground that blocked the water of the stream passing through the valley. The lake is cover by mountain which tourist usually prefer for hiking.

Ansu lake: is tear shaped high altitude lake situated adjacent to Malika Parbat.This lake can be reached by two different routes.There is no place to stay at Ansoo Lake. Some people may camp on the top of extremely cold and windy mountains but it is very risky and even the locals do not recommend this

Lalazar: is basically a plateau which is covered with beautiful flowers and pine forest. Lalazar is a place where one would enjoy camping.A large green plateau gives a lovely view of the valley below. There is also a hiking track for hiker lovers.

Kawai: After entering into Kaghan, the first town that comes our way is Kawai. Kawai is 24 kilometers (15 miles) away from Balakot. Moreover it is home to a small number of people. The track that passes through Kawai winds through thick forests of pine and can be extremely prone to landslides in wet weather.

Shogran: After crossing Kawai, visitors find themselves in Shogran, a heavenly place with beautiful views. Shogran is situated at an altitude of 2400 (7500 feet) meters above sea level. At this altitude it stands well above the valley. Shogran has a number of guest houses that can be used as an abode for the night. Most well-known is the forestry department rest and guest house.

Lulusar Lake is the largest lake in kaghan valley with a group of highest mountains. Lulusar Lake is popular tourist attraction point and is 40Km away from Naran. It is famous for its crustal clear water surrounded by a range of mountains. It is in the way of Babusar top which is highest point of kaghan valley.



Hotels in Naran are of various types and range from luxury hotels and boutique hotels to budget hotels. In addition to, all the hotels in Naran provide high-quality accommodation to their guests irrespective of whether they are luxury or budget hotels.

Therefore, Pakistan is indeed a very beautiful country to visit. It has the most amazing and enchanting natural sceneries. These places like Naran and Kaghan Tour is always preferable for the tourist for its amazing tracks and beauties. All things considered Tourist finds heaven on earth after visiting these places. The dreamy location in the land of fairies are always captivating for nature lover and the new couples who are starting their lives with pleasant memories.

Furthermore, Honeymoon packages from Pakistan is a new project from Pakistan Tour and Travel. It offers best packages for the couple and group tour as well. Honeymoon is just a pleasant time for the couples to make their spouse feel special and with these beautiful places everyone who visits these places goes into a deep mediation of love, peace and harmony. Finally A best place to trekking, fishing, photography, hiking indeed.

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