Murree Tour Packages

Murree Tour Packages are our most famous offering. Therefore, they are mostly in business during winters as well as summers.  Murree Nathiagali Tours is apple of eyes yes. Furthermore, Galiyat region is a narrow strip or area roughly 50–80 km north-east of Islamabad, Pakistan. Moreover, the place is extending on both sides of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa-Punjab border, between Abbottabad and Murree. Therefore, many of the towns in the area have the word Gali as part of their names, and are popular tourist resorts.

Honeymoon packages from Pakistan offers magnificent Murree tour Packages.  Therefore, Honeymoon Packages in Pakistan is available to local as well as foreign couples. Murree Nathiagali Tours presents them beautiful and more special feelings for their spouse. However there are lists of different package that include economy to luxury. The lush green mountains, beautiful sceneries and pleasant weather of Murree tour Packages  are always priority for the newly weds. In addition Honeymoon is just a pleasant time for the couple to make memories.

In conclusion, we can say Murree tour Packages attracts many visitors. It is indeed a beautiful place. For instance Murree Nathiagali tours being the part of Murree is always attraction for the tourist. Therefore, after visiting the area, one may find yourself planning your next trip to Northern Pakistan. Furthermore, Tourism is growing by every passing years. Probably Murree tour Packages attracts large chunk of  tourism  in Pakistan. Lastly, No doubt Murree Tour Packages  presents tourist destinations and one finds himself blessed and gay after visiting there.

4 Days 3 Nights

Luxury Tour
Couple Package: 45,000 PKR
3 Days 2 Nights

Standard Tour
Couple Package: 35,000 PKR
3 Days 2 Nights

Economy Tour
Couple Package: 30,000 Pkr

Murree Tour Packages

Murree tours Packages  are most likeable tour by the local and foreign tourist. Moreover, Pakistan is full of breath-taking locations which will make you fall in love with this country. Murree is a hill station on the border between Punjab and Azad Kashmir in Pakistan. Murree tour Packages is one of the most visiting hill station of Pakistan. Especially for those who live downwards to it.Although, as the matter of the fact Murree is like a fantasy city. Moreover, People finds a relief in its lap to escape from the sweltering heat. Moreover Mountains cover with lush green trees, cold atmosphere, fresh air, beautiful valleys. Most importantly clouds on the roads hugging you with full of happiness.

Murree NathiaGali Tours

Murree Nathiagali tours are famous for scenery that are highly attractive. First of all, It is of the famous Gali in whole Murree. Murree Nathiagali are just one hour from each other. Therefore it is famous for its lush green meadows, deep forests of oak, cedar and pine. Although, where fog in July/August present a glory. In winter, snowfall adds to the scene. Murree NathiaGali tours also boasts a nice church. The weather of Nathiagali remains cool, pleasant and foggy in summers. Furthermore, during the summer, NathiaGali is relatively popular among the tourists Although, its limit area and availability of property, it is not thronged by as many people as the hill-station Murree, which is only an hour away. Murree Nathiagali tours is famous for a beautiful trek that leads to Thandiani that passes through Dagri Bangla.

Attractions in Murree

Furthermore there are other attractions for the tourist.

Murree Tour Packages

Notably There are so many attraction in murree tour Packages and makes murree tours remember for long. Some of them are like Ayubia, the most important spot in the Galiyat. After Murree Nathiagali tours because of its cold weather even in the summers. Moreover, Notable places to visit in Ayubia is Ayubia National Park and its nine villages. Ghora Gali. Furthermore, visitors pass Samli sanatorium and reach Ghora Gali. The Gali name as such because this place was used for the changing of horses used for carriages operating between Rawalpindi-Murree. Lastly, Now it is pleasant place to roam around or riding a horse.

Murree Nathiagali Tours

Changla Gali is a hill station locates in the Galiyat, are which borders KPK and Punjab. Furthermore, starting at Murree and ending at Thandiani. It is the highest point in the Murree Galiyat area which is accessible by road. Infect, there is a rest house a number of good hotels and restaurants in the most picturesque surroundings.Of course Natural springs abound Changla gali on the slopes and their water is stored in reservoirs to provide water supply for Murree and adjoining areas. Jhika Gali: it is a town, located on the Rawalpindi to Murree It famous for its long pine trees pleasant weather and especially for many boarding schools.

Murree Nathiagali Tours

A few kilometres from Changla gali one reaches Kooza gali. From Kooza gali one can go either to Ayubia to the right or Nathiagali to the left.

Murree Nathiagali Tours

From Ayubia visitors returns to Murree-Nathiagali Road and climb further for about three miles and then jumps in view Dunga Gali. Moroever, Dunga gali is a beautiful small resort situates on the slopes of the Mushkpuri hill. Although, It commands a charming view of a series of wooded spurs projecting towards the river Jhelum on the western side.

Murree Nathiagali Tours

The road from Murree to Nathiagali is like travel into paradise. Furthermore, there are lush green alpine forest all along the road. Most importantly, throughout the journey one enjoys panoramic view of snow clad Pir Panjal in Kashmir. Moreover, It commands a panoramic view on either side of the ridge where one can stay and rest.

Khanspur in Murree Tour packages 2018

Khanspur in Murree Tour packages

Murree Nathiagali Tours also have Khanspur. Moreover, Three kilometre down the road from Ayubia is old summer resort of Khanspur. Furthermore, Khanspur is a part of the Ayubia National Park and Reserve Forest. Furthermore, Grassland and forest occur on steeper slopes and are proportionally more widespread. lastly, It is relatively quiet where one can find alienation as well as unmarred vistas of the green hills together.

Kala BAGH in murree Nathiagali Tours

A little up from Nathia Gali bazar, at the top of the hill is  “Green Spot”. Actually this is a Pakistan Air Force reserved area, but it is open for tourists and families. You can enter Green Spot by paying Rs. 5/- as entrance fee. View of Nathiagali and neighbouring area is magnificent from here.

Thandiyani Hills in Murree Nathiagali Tours

In the mean time Murree tour packages is enrich with so many places. Moreover,Thandiani flourishes by excellent weather and lush greenery in the summer months. Murree Nathiagali Tours contains various places and snow-cover vistas and hills in the winter. Furthermore, Thandiani locates at a high altitude. Moreover, it comes with attractive scenery and several hiking trails into the forests and other nearby locations.

Dagri Naka in Muree Nathiagali Tours

Dagri Naka a mountainous area in Galiyat region Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Most importantly its is link between the trek of Thandiani and Nathiagali. Furthermore, It is surround by subtropical evergreen forest. Murree Tour Packages for Dagra Naki is available for Tourists on demand.

Darya Gali in Murree Tour Packages

Darya Gali is a village in the north of the Murree. Furthermore It circles to the north by KPK Province. Although, its goes  to the south by Ghora Gali and Murree and to the west by Rawat City. Moreover, alongside the road there are many more place that considers to be a part of Galiyat like Bara gali Toheed abad, Darwaza Ayubia, Bagnotar and Namli Maira.

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