Hunza Tour Packages

Hunza Valley tour Packages are must have tours. Furthermore, when you like to visit especially  northern areas of Pakistan are no doubt surpasses in natural beauty. Furthermore, Northern areas influence of world’s three mountain ranges the Himalaya, Hindukush and the Karakorum.  Hunza Valley Tours are exclusive to have landscape like Rakaposhi and Nangaparbat. Furthermore, Hunza valley tour packages are famous among masses. Interestingly, foreigners first choice is Hunza. Moreover, tourism policies are engaging more and more tourists each other. Likewise, honeymoon packages from pakistan endeavours to offer nice hunza valley tours in affordable Prices. 

However The best transport services are available to our customers to roam in different part of valley. Furthermore, a road trip can be of 12 to 17 hours from the Capital Territory of Pakistan. Moreover, no doubt A place of enchanting sceneries, wonderful people, beautiful culture and tradition. In addition Street and roads are made of stone give an ancient look, the culture is so rich here. Most importantly, Antiques, wooden daggers, caps, handmade handkerchief found in each shop of the Hunza market. Furthermore, The local handicrafts can be purchased from the colorful bazaar of Hunza.

7 Days 6 Nights

Super Deluxe Tour
Couple Package: 140,000 PKR
7 Days 6 Nights

Deluxe Tour
Couple Package: 115,000 PKR
7 Days 6 Nights

Standard Tour
Couple Package: 90,000 PKR

Hunza Valley Tour Packages

Hunza Valley Tour consist of a mountainous valley in the Gilgit Baltistan province of Pakistan. It is located in the extreme northern part of Pakistan. A stunningly beautiful valley, it has many snow-packed mountains. This valley is consists of three regions i.e. Upper Hunza Gojal, Central Hunza and Lower Hunza. Valley has great attraction for tourists. Tourists from all over the world visit Hunza Valley whole year but the best season to visit Hunza Valley is from May to October. At the same time, When we talk about the temperature of Hunza Valley, in May max temp is 27°C while minimum is 14°C and in October max temp 10°C and minimum temp 0°C.

Hunza Valley 2018

Hunza Couple Tour by Honeymoon packages from Pakistan gives packages with affordable prices all over Hunza Valley. In fact Pakistan is one of the few countries with such a dynamic landscape; rivers, deserts, lakes, waterfalls, springs, glaciers we seem to have it all in great abundance and Hunza valley gives a bloom to tourism in Pakistan.

Tourism in Hunza valley is growing day by day because of security. As the matter of fact, Tourist want to know the other side of Pakistan that is not portrait in news for sure. Pakistan is a safe and sound country like any other in the world. Tourist want to explore the beauties of the country.

Attractions in Hunza Valley

Places that are worth seeing in Hunza valley is listed below:

Ultar Sar: Another part of the Karakoram Range and is situated at an approximate distance of 10 km northeast of Karimabad (capital of Hunza). Till 1996 it enjoyed the reputation of being the inaccessible peak of the world.

Altit Fort: Altit Fort was also the residence of the rulers. Due to clash between the two sons of the ruler so rulers were shifted to new place. It is mysterious fort with motifs in crafted on each wall and pillar give a look of Tibetans architectural style.

Furthermore The Baltit Fort: The Baltit Fort is a magnificent structure 900 years old and was the residence of the rulers. It is magnificent landmark on Hunza valley and after restoring it now serves as a museum. It sits on top of Karimabad. Stilted on massive legs it is a must see on every tourists list.

Rakaposhi Mountain: It is a part of the Karakoram Mountain range and is 7,788 meters high. Rakaposhi Mountain can be seen from many parts of Hunza. The word Rakaposhi means “Shinning Wall” most probably because it is surrounded by famous glacier valleys like Barpu, Biro, Bagrot and Pisan. It is the 12th highest mountain peak of Pakistan and is famous for its scenic beauty.

Hunza River: Hunza River is theHunza Couple Tour: major river of Hunza, in the Northern Areas of Pakistan. It is formed by the union of the Khunjerab River, Gujerab River, Misgar River, Chapursan River and Shimshal River. These rivers are fed by glaciers. These rivers join the Hunza River in its upper course. In its middle and short course it is joined by small steams. The entire Hunza Valley depends upon the Hunza River.

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